Author: John Doherty

John Doherty is an online marketer for search firm Distilled in New York City. In the daytime, he works with both large brands and startups to get them more business through online channels. By night, he advises a few startups in regards to online marketing, but also makes time for the climbing gym and travel to cool locations when he can.

By john-doherty published July 13, 2012

4 Types of Content Real Estate Agents Should Create

content real estate agents should create, CMII am a professional online marketer by day and a writer/content producer by night. Every day, clients, potential clients, and others on private message boards ask me how they can create content for their own websites that resonates with their users. Many claim, “Well, I work in a boring industry. There’s nothing interesting to write about!

I actually received an unsolicited email recently with the following title: “Is SEO applicable to real estate websites?”

My first reaction was, “Yes, of course it is!” but then I realized that for some marketers, industries like real estate seem drab and boring. “It’s just architecture,” they say. “Houses are just somewhere that people live.” Continue Reading