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After River Phoenix's dad, the second most significant John Bottom on the web. (check it out if you don't believe me.) That's not counting John Bottom, the insolvency lawyer in British Columbia. Or John Bottom of Lincoln who, according to judicial records, was indicted in 1767 for the theft of 32 pounds weight of raisins. We're a distinguished bunch, we Bottoms, and I just happen to be the side of the family that works in B2B marketing. I do it because I like it and have been fairly successful in helping clients plan and implement content marketing strategies that brings them results. And it pays better than stealing raisins. You can follow me on Twitter @basebot.

By john-bottom published June 19, 2014

12 Ways to Tap Into the Content Creators Within Your Organization

gas well illustrationYou likely have a handful of willing content creators inside the organization: the image-conscious CEO, the social media-savvy sales guy, the product evangelist. But they are finite resources.

In fact, I was having a conversation with some folks from CMI and they told me that in their recent talks with marketing leaders (more on that soon), one of the biggest challenges facing teams is figuring out a way to use all of the internal knowledge and turn it into useful content.Continue Reading

By john-bottom published May 27, 2011

Buyersphere Report 2011: A European Perspective on B2B Content Consumption

The recently released Buyersphere Report 2011 on shifting trends in buyer research behavior is particularly interesting for two reasons:

  • It focuses on European markets, providing an intriguing counterpoint to the many U.S.-based surveys.
  • It surveys the actual behavior (rather than just the opinions) of over 1,000 buyers involved in purchases of over £20,000 (approximately $32,500 USD). In this way, it paints a highly accurate and objective picture of the rise of B2B content marketing.

Here are some highlights that may help inform your own B2B marketing plans.

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By john-bottom published August 18, 2010

Checklist: The 4 Key Qualities of Effective Content

Over the last few years there have been some excellent examples of content marketing that have helped brands position themselves as experts in their field, and they have enjoyed direct business benefits as a result. Yet there are also accounts of campaigns that have swallowed up budget without producing real results.

The reason that some succeed and some fail is that, to be effective, content has to be more than just good: it must be compelling, fulfilling, convenient and efficient. I believe good content needs these four characteristics, so I offer this quick guide as a checklist to content marketers to ensure your content works for you.Continue Reading