Author: Joe Griffin

Joe Griffin is the CEO of ClearVoice, a content marketing technology company for high-quality blogs and content destinations that he co-founded in 2013. He has served in executive roles at and iCrossing, and has founded multiple companies. You can follow his tweets @joegriffin or connect on LinkedIn.

By joe-griffin published April 14, 2017

3 Best Practices to Nurture a Content Writer Into an Industry Expert


The vast majority of content writers are generalists. They are talented with language; they understand how to structure effective blog posts, lists, guides, etc. However, their biggest challenge is learning how to write from a place of true knowledge and not broad conviction.

The nurturing process for content writers has far less to do with helping them become better writers (that’s a given) and more to do with teaching them how to learn a new landscape quickly and effectively. It’s unrealistic to expect a new writer to get his or her bearings perfectly without adequate instruction.Continue Reading

By joe-griffin published February 17, 2017

6 Steps to Find the Perfect Content Marketing Pro


If your organization hasn’t emphasized deliberate content marketing – meaning, there’s no documented strategy with tangible goals and metrics – now is the time to find someone who can take your company to the next level.

But how do you find that right someone? It might take a little time, but if you follow this six-step process, you’ll find a stellar marketer who will help your brand benefit from content marketing.Continue Reading

By joe-griffin published February 6, 2013

Getting Buy-In for Your Content Marketing: A 3-Point Process

getting buy-in for content marketingThe essence of content marketing is creating valuable content to pull and convert customers toward a product or service. You’re informing, entertaining, and educating through engaging and optimized web content, eBooks, white papers, infographics, video, and blog posts so that they recognize, like, and trust your brand enough to do business with you.

You already know this, but do your organization’s CMOs, CFOs, and CEOs get it? They may hear whispers that “content is king,” but are not yet sold on the idea of investing in a full-scale content marketing initiative. In fact, “AdAge” recently reported that marketers are spending an average of 12 percent of their budgets on content marketing, while traditional advertising still commands the bulk of the share.

As an in-house marketing professional, it’s your job to convince and convert your top leadership to buy into a content marketing plan for your business. But where do you start?Continue Reading