Author: Joe Chernov

Joe Chernov is the CMO of InsightSquared, a revenue intelligence company. He has been a VP of marketing during two successful IPOs, Eloqua and HubSpot. The Content Marketing Institute named him “Content Marketer of the Year” and AdWeek named him to their Creative100 list. You can follow Joe on Twitter @jchernov.

By joe-chernov published July 21, 2011

Content Marketing as a “Force Multiplier”

While driving home from a weekend getaway, my wife and I found ourselves listening to a HowStuffWorks podcast on military snipers. (Do I have a remarkable wife or what?) During the hilarious and informative lesson, the hosts described snipers as a force multiplier – that is, “an individual or small team that, through the use of special tactics, can do the damage of a much larger force.”

This triggered (pun intended) a thought: Content is marketing’s force multiplier.

Just as an individual sniper can take out an enemy’s weapons armory with one shot, a single piece of content also has a multiplying impact on an organization’s global marketing effort. The following  list highlights  six compounding benefits companies can enjoy from an active content marketing program.

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By joe-chernov published June 28, 2011

Planned Obsolescence: The Key to Content Marketing

Last September, MarketingProfs and Junta42 teamed up to produce a report on the state of content marketing. Their research concluded that marketers’ top three content-related challenges were:

  • Producing engaging content (36%)
  • Producing enough content (21%)
  • Having sufficient budget to create content (20%).

There is a simple way to address all three challenges at once: Planned obsolescence.Continue Reading