Author: Joe Bachana

Joe Bachana is Founder of DPCI, a veteran technology agency that helps organizations improve the way they create, manage, enrich and deliver content to Web, print, mobile, and tablet devices. To learn more about Joe and DPCI, go to You can also follow Joe on Twitter @joebachana.

By joe-bachana published June 29, 2014

How the Right Tech Can Improve Your Content Marketing Workflow

workflow images-cloud-computer-magnifying glassIf your company produces content at scale, you already know this well: Successful content marketing depends on effective collaboration during the editorial workflow process. And like it or not, content creators and editors want to work in the tools built specifically for their jobs. Writers use Microsoft Word, designers lean towards the Adobe Creative Suite, video producers use Adobe Premiere, Avid, or Final Cut, and so on. No matter what any tech vendor tells you, your team isn’t going to write or edit online in a rich text editor (RTE). Sure they’ll copy/paste into the RTE, but the work will get done in Word (or any number of composite content applications available in the marketplace).Continue Reading