Author: Jodi Harris

Jodi Harris is director of content strategy at CMI. She describes her role as a combination of strategic alchemist, process architect, and creative explorer. Prior to this role, Jodi spent over a decade developing and managing content initiatives for brand clients in the entertainment, CPG, health care, technology, and biotech industries, as well as for agencies and media brands. Follow her on Twitter at @Joderama.

By jodimedia published August 26, 2020

Great Content Experiences Powered by Tech

Though content marketers’ tools are expanding thanks to technology, the aim is the same: Create content experiences your audience won’t forget.

Looking to enhance your content experience in this unfolding world of artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), advanced imaging techniques, and high-tech tools? Start by learning from these four enterprise brands that always keep the audience in mind.

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By jodimedia published August 13, 2020

Why Now’s the Time for Interactive Content [Examples]

Updated Aug. 12, 2020

I never thought I would say this, but I am getting tired of sitting on my couch, mindlessly scrolling through endless feeds of online news, entertainment, and reading materials in lieu of leaving the house and actually doing things.

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By jodimedia published July 30, 2020

Overcome a Boring Blog With These 5 Techniques

“A blog? Oh, that’s so 2010.”

You’ve heard that blogging is past its prime, takes too much effort, and lacks the power to connect with today’s distracted, time-crunched, and tech-savvy consumers.

Sure, social media trends, interactive tools and activities, and storytelling techniques like video, voice, and (to a lesser extent) virtual reality have shifted content preferences and habits.

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By jodimedia published July 15, 2020

Can We Do More Than Talk About Diversity?

Marketers might shy away from addressing issues like racism, bias, and discrimination for fear of saying the wrong thing. But sitting on the sidelines of these critical conversations leaves influential consumers out in the cold – and a lot of potential revenue on the table. Before you take a stand, take some advice from these four diversity warriors.

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By jodimedia published June 25, 2020

Create a Content Marketing Strategy in 3 Steps

Wouldn’t it be great to start your content marketing program knowing it will work as intended? How satisfying would it be to be confident it incorporates the insights, ideas, and focus to create stories that captivate your audience members and turn them into loyal customers?

While we can’t offer a magic formula that guarantees success, we can identify the key practice the most-accomplished content marketers adopt: They document a content marketing strategy.

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By jodimedia published June 18, 2020

Even B2B Audiences Want Emotion in Their Content

How is your audience feeling these days?

We always want to learn as much as we can about our audience’s rational preferences, their logical needs, and their transactional behaviors. But their feelings? That’s something we don’t always take the time to ask about – let alone factor in to our strategic decisions.

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By jodimedia published June 16, 2020

What It Takes to Succeed as a Content Leader Now

The marketing landscape has never been more uncertain; but adopting specific skills and practices can expand your career opportunities. Three industry experts weigh in on steps you can take to evolve your role.

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By jodimedia published June 16, 2020

4 True Tales of Content Career Transformation

Unemployment is on the rise. The U.S. is in a recession. Everyone is wondering about the future. You can choose to sit back and wait for your next opportunity. Or you can take the reins and find your own path to success. Get inspired by these stories from content pros who ventured out in a new direction and rediscovered the passion in their content careers.

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By jodimedia published May 26, 2020

A Quick Audit to See If Your Content Passes a COVID-19 Exam

Nearly every brand has shared content about adapting to the reality of the pandemic. Admirable and effective (if somewhat repetitive), many of these messages have been delivered with sensitivity and shared responsibility.

But what about your brand’s content unrelated to COVID-19? If your other content doesn’t convey a similar awareness and sensitivity to this all-encompassing issue, you can bet it is affecting your audience’s perception of your brand. It could even undo any goodwill earned from your crisis-response initiatives.

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By jodimedia published May 19, 2020

Yes, You Do Need New Personas Now

The world has changed so radically in such a short time that marketers are struggling to adapt their demand-generation messaging on the fly. Agile buyer personas could be the key to establishing the right connection.

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