Author: Jodi Harris

Jodi Harris is the Director of Editorial Content & Curation at Content Marketing Institute. As a content strategy consultant, Jodi helps businesses evaluate their content needs and resources; build infrastructure and operations; and create compelling stories to be delivered across multiple media channels and platforms. Follow Jodi on Twitter at @Joderama.

By jodimedia published May 15, 2019

Your Get-it-Done Guide to Content Creation Outsourcing

No matter how well thought out your strategy is and how much buy-in and budget you secure, the success of your content marketing program hinges on a single, critical component: having the talent available to execute your plans.

That puts skilled writers in a position of power. Despite the looming specter of AI bots that can create assets at lightning speed and impressive scale, even the most sophisticated systems aren’t equipped to match the emotional depth and resonance of a story crafted with care by humans.

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By jodimedia published May 6, 2019

You Say You Want a Digital Transformation?

(For the record, I promise this is the first, last, and only time I will paraphrase Beatles’ lyrics in a CMI post title. OK, moving on …)

Staying on top of new consumer learnings, expectations, and preferences is essential for companies to remain competitive and responsive in a fast-changing digital landscape. Transformation is not an easy task for any business, but the barriers can seem almost herculean to large enterprises in industries like insurance, finance, and health care. Not only do these organizations create communication under strict regulatory, legal, and privacy restrictions, they often face a deep-seated, institution-wide reluctance to tampering with what’s always worked.

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By jodimedia published April 22, 2019

Get a Plan: How to Make the Most of Influencer Marketing

Before online influencer marketing became a major “thing” (and way before it was legitimized as a structured technique or a lucrative career path), it was known as word-of-mouth marketing.

As a kid, I learned about the concept by way of a popular commercial for Faberge Organics, in which a smiling Heather Locklear shared her secret for bouncy hair with two friends, who in turn told two friends, and so on, and so on …

Though the underlying mechanisms of the “tell-a-friend” technique remain largely unchanged, social media has fueled its evolution into a strategic discipline infinitely more targeted, impactful, and scalable than anything Faberge’s marketing team could have predicted.

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By jodimedia published April 10, 2019

Adopt a Curation Mindset to Get More From Your Top Content

Editor’s note: Doing more with less is always an applicable mantra for content marketers. That’s why we brought back this post about how to amplify your best content.

Admit it: When the stress and exhaustion of finding something uniquely delightful for every person on your holiday shopping list have brought you to the brink of madness, you’ve at least considered the idea of regifting.

After all, that expensive orange scarf that sadly clashes with your skin tone, the never-opened kitchen mixer you got for your bridal shower, or that trendy toy your child never got around to playing with are all lovely gifts. And who knows? They even may be meaningful treasures to someone who needs them.
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By jodimedia published April 2, 2019

How to Do Native Advertising Right: A Brief Guide With Great Examples

As someone who started her content career in traditional journalism, I took some time to come to terms with the concept of native advertising. I bristled at the thought of paid ads masquerading as editorial content, violating the church-and-state division I was taught.

But, like it or not, the rules of publishing have changed. The lines between media and marketing have blurred, and brands have more power, influence, and opportunities to communicate directly with audiences. And new tools and strategies have emerged and disrupted the game.

Like any good species in a survival-of-the-fittest world, I’ve come around to see significant value in native advertising – when it’s executed smartly and strategically.

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By jodimedia published March 25, 2019

Your Guide to Social Media Success [Examples]

You’ve been invited to attend an important business pitch, but it’s happening in an unfamiliar neighborhood. What’s the first thing you do to ensure that you get to the right place swiftly and reliably?

Unless you have one of those infallible internal compasses, you likely consult some guide – a map, a GPS system, a mass transit schedule, or maybe a friend with a great sense of direction. Because, without the right information, you risk traveling in the wrong direction, becoming paralyzed by indecision, or worst, getting hopelessly lost and losing out on a great opportunity.

In the social media sphere, navigational challenges abound for content marketers – new platforms to explore, new rules of engagement to learn, new creative pathways to pursue, and new roadblocks to avoid.

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By jodimedia published March 4, 2019

Instagram Marketing: Social Media Experts Share Top Tips

Instagram is the “it” social media platform for 2019. There, I said it.

With plenty of creative possibilities, targeting opportunities, and personalization potential, the youth-friendly platform offers the power to connect with influential tastemakers, break through the competitive noise, and build active, engaged communities of customers.

And it might just offer brands the biggest bang for their content marketing buck. Though slightly in the shadow of big sister Facebook, Instagram boasts over 1 billion active monthly users globally. It’s eclipsed elder social statesmen like Twitter (335 million monthly users), LinkedIn (260 million monthly users), and Pinterest (250 million monthly users).

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By jodimedia published February 18, 2019

Time to Get Schooled on Content Marketing Skills

When I transitioned from a career as a journalist to one as a content marketer, I knew I’d have to refresh and refocus my knowledge base. But it took a minute to grasp how many new skills I would need to master before successfully applying years of editorial experience to the challenges and opportunities digital marketers face.

Sure, the mechanics of crafting a compelling story to engage an audience are universal, but the purposes and strategies that drive the creative process differ, as do the tools and processes used to govern and execute them.

Bringing my skill set up to speed is a continual learning experience. It’s one that content marketing teams can relate to, considering the rapid pace of change in digital media technology, let alone ever-shifting consumer trends, behaviors, and preferences.

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By jodimedia published February 5, 2019

What It Means to Get Branded Content Right

Whenever someone mentions the term “branded content,” my mind still drifts back to the original inspiration for my love of the technique: BMW’s The Hire.

The 2001 series consisted of eight online episodes, each featuring Clive Owen as “The Driver” – a mysterious man who fully commits to completing his assigned mission at all costs, taking viewers along for the ride. The films were directed by notable Hollywood pros like Ang Lee, Guy Ritchie, and Alejandro Iñárritu; they oozed style, sophistication, and Hollywood star power; and each told a compelling story of action and intrigue. But, more importantly from a content marketing perspective, each episode spoke volumes about the excitement and luxury of the BMW driving experience – without overtly mentioning anything about the brand or the vehicles themselves.

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By jodimedia published January 22, 2019

Learn From the Best: 8 Inspiring Content Marketing Examples

People learn by creating connections between the familiar and the possible. So it should come as no surprise that, as content marketers, we often approach the task of developing new ideas and initiatives by referencing, analyzing, and iterating on the creative experiences we know and love – standing on the shoulders of giants, so to speak.

Of course, discovering the essence of what makes some campaigns rise above so many others is no small feat. Nor is figuring out how to apply those elemental insights in pursuit of our own business goals, audience needs, and competitive opportunities.

To help ease your creative content journey, we’ve just done some of that legwork for you.

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