Author: Jodi Harris

Jodi Harris is director of content strategy at CMI. She describes her role as a combination of strategic alchemist, process architect, and creative explorer. Prior to this role, Jodi spent over a decade developing and managing content initiatives for brand clients in the entertainment, CPG, health care, technology, and biotech industries, as well as for agencies and media brands. Follow her on Twitter at @Joderama.

By jodimedia published May 25, 2023

How To Create Disruptive, Innovative Content That Aligns With Your Brand

All marketers aspire to create that memorable moment – one that gets people talking and thinking about their brand well after they first see it.

Historically, the National Football League’s Super Bowl showcased many of those moments – from Apple’s signature 1984 spot to Old Spice’s The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.Continue Reading

By jodimedia published April 12, 2023

How To Get Your Audience To Give Their Data for Personalized Content

Google’s stay of execution for third-party cookies in Chrome won’t last forever. Even if they push the deadline beyond the expected second half of 2024, the tracking tool’s demise is on the horizon.

In the no-cookie era, you will still possess vital customer insights from your first-party data – the information people share directly in exchange for valuable content and experiences. However, you won’t have access to their actions and behaviors outside your brand’s content ecosystem.Continue Reading

By jodimedia published March 15, 2023

Marketing Content to Gen Z? You Better Play by Their Rules

As Generation Z emerges from their older millennial siblings’ shadows, they expect brands to play by their rules.

Appealing to this digitally savvy and empowered audience requires reevaluating your marketing strategy to better connect your company’s content with them.Continue Reading

By jodimedia published February 8, 2023

Big Change Ahead? Build a Communication and Implementation Plan for Your Content Team

You learn about a C-suite decision that will have a transformative impact on your content marketing team. Perhaps, the announcement included one or more of these directives:

  • “We must produce more content and manage multi-platform distribution with greater agility. We plan to add ChatGPT to our editorial capabilities and implement a headless CMS.”
  • “We’re updating our three-year business strategy and need all teams to align their operations around achieving a new set of goals.”
  • “We’ve been acquired. We will be merging many of our business units and will need to relaunch our website so we can tell a more unified story.”

Continue Reading

By jodimedia published January 31, 2023

Looking for a Content Marketing Job? Follow This Advice To Get Noticed

Does anyone enjoy job hunting regardless of the circumstances?

But if you’ve recently lost your content marketing job or fear the ax might fall soon, you feel pressure to do it – and like you have no time to waste.

The good news is that excellent content marketing jobs are available for the taking (or the making if you’re entrepreneurially minded.)Continue Reading

By jodimedia published January 19, 2023

5 Essential Elements for a Great Newsletter

Engaging, informative e-newsletters can help achieve many content marketing goals. Yes, even now, multiple decades after email’s heyday as the shiny, new thing.

I can give you the statistic on how many content marketers use email newsletters from our latest B2B research – but do you really need it to be convinced? (It’s 69%, by the way.)

You already know this from your own experience creating or receiving e-newsletters. Think of the ones you get from brands – especially those you open and read regularly. The best ones offer reliably interesting, inspiring, or helpful content that rewards you for opening, right?

That’s the opportunity a great newsletter represents – an ongoing relationship with readers that makes your audience look forward to hearing from you. To capitalize on that opportunity, you have to consistently entertain, delight, inspire, help, and otherwise make the attention they give you worthwhile for them.

While their potential has remained constant, newsletter strategies, designs, and engagement preferences evolve all the time. Emails that once worked well may now sit unread in subscribers’ cluttered inboxes – if they get delivered at all.

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By jodimedia published January 5, 2023

5 Strategic Frameworks To Take the Guesswork Out of Content Planning

It’s no secret: Building your content strategy around the buyer’s journey won’t clarify what you need for effective content decision-making.

Consumers simply don’t follow a reliable, linear purchase process anymore. Too many research channels, feedback loops, and competing messages mean too few opportunities for your content to exert influence – if they could even find it – before they make a buying decision.Continue Reading

By jodimedia published December 12, 2022

Editorial Calendar Tools and Templates To Help You Master Your Content To-Do List

Quick: Name the tool most critical for effectively managing your content marketing program.

No matter your role or responsibilities, the answer should be an editorial calendar.

Why? Content creation involves a million small tasks. A reliable system keeps track of all those processes and each content piece’s status as it moves through them.

But content marketing editorial calendars can do much more than that.Continue Reading

By jodimedia published December 7, 2022

Content Creation Process: Everything You Need To Wow Your Audience

Great content writers know how to craft rough ideas into stories that make the audience eager to read or watch more.

Skilled marketers know how to build content into powerful campaigns that compel audiences to act.

Your job requires excellence for both – and everything else marketing and content creation entail. No wonder content marketers report feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

The resources in this article will help you enhance your team’s content capabilities, so they can craft engaging brand stories and smash your brand’s marketing goals.

Follow the expert tips, tricks, and guidance below to make all aspects of marketing content creation easier to manage – and more likely to achieve success.

Continue Reading

By jodimedia published November 23, 2022

Feast on These 9 Content Examples Worthy of Gratitude

Content marketers always have a lot on their plates. But in the past two years alone, you’ve likely taken on extra responsibilities, adapted your marketing strategies, and evolved your audience understanding – all while facing intimidating challenges.

These are no small feats. So, this week while the U.S. gives official thanks, in the spirit of gratitude, we’ve gathered a few standout content marketing examples that speak to the theme. Many of these appetizing efforts were honored as winners and top finalists at this year’s Content Marketing Awards. But award or no, they’re all worth savoring.Continue Reading