Author: Jen Brass Jenkins

Jen Brass Jenkins, MPC, is a web content and project manager for University of Utah Health Care. She has created, written, and edited content for medical apps, websites, blogs, marketing materials, and other stuff. Before joining the marketing and communications industry, she worked in theater for several years learning skills that turned out to be project management and client relations. Jen is a bibliophile, perfume fancier, crime-show junkie, donut thief, and occasional blogger. On the home front she answers to two felines, Ampersand and Apostrophe. She uses her kitchen as an artist’s studio and aspires to meal preparation and cooking. Connect with her on Twitter @chrliechaz.

By jen-brass-jenkins published August 6, 2015

Automating Content Reuse: One Marketing Team’s Story


Is your organization generating web-based content by the bucketful? Do you ever wish that spiffy, useful content could appear in multiple places so that anyone who might want that content has a better chance of seeing it – with little extra effort and no duplication of content? At the University of Utah Health Care system, where I work as the web content manager, we’ve set up a basic tagging structure to make that happen, automatically, every time we hit Publish.

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