Author: James Prideaux

James is a Digital Marketing Executive at My Social Agency. He works within varied aspects of digital marketing, however, primarily in content writing, SEO and social media management. You can follow James on Twitter or connect with him on Linkedin.

By james-prideaux published December 1, 2014

Social Listening Tools to Strengthen Your Content Marketing

14528484387_17ea996d0c_cover image Content today is most definitely not king. You’re shocked? I say this because there seems to be a skewed misconception of what the term “content” means. Too often marketers produce thin content as a way of generating quick web traffic and increasing conversion rates. This content can no longer be classified as royal.

In my eyes, effective content marketing should use tactics to provide information and entertainment to consumers that they feel is valuable, thus building relationships. Ann Handley rightly states “companies, organizations, and individuals place quality content over quantity.”Continue Reading