Author: James Dillon

James is part of the tribe at Australian online marketing agency Gorilla 360. As Content Manager, James is busy helping businesses use content marketing goodness to dominate their patch of the internet jungle. Catch him on Twitter, or reach out on Linkedin - he's much more approachable than your average primate (and a whole bunch less hairy).

By james-dillon published February 9, 2015

Should You Buy or Grow a Pineapple for Your Audience?

Gardening is a fruitful endeavor. There’s so much joy that comes from creating something from scratch. The journey from seed to sprout to tree to flower to harvest to plate – it’s a captivating marvel of nature. Instead, many of us spend our lives tapping the keys at an institutional desk bolted down to an urban concrete monolith. We dream of breaking the shackles, casting off the pressures of KPI’s and overdue parking fines to start our own little orchard in a countryside paradise.

So what’s stopping us? Apart from the fact that we all really, really love our jobs (take note, Gorilla!), we realize that the whole farming thing isn’t all beautiful sunsets and fresh produce.Continue Reading

By james-dillon published December 9, 2014

Build it? Buying Niche Media May be Better


Why spend years building an audience for your brand if you can buy a turnkey niche media property?

When we need a new kitchen table, few of us head to the local hardware store to pick up timber. We know the experts do it better.Continue Reading