Author: Itai Sadan

Itai Sadan founded Duda to help small businesses connect with potential customers anywhere, anytime and anyplace. Prior to founding Duda, Itai was a director at SAP where he managed the SAP Discovery System program and was in charge of relationships with IBM, HP, and Fujitsu. At age 21, he also founded InterSight, a start-up for data storage. Itai has a BSc in Computer Science and Mathematics from the University of Ben Gurion in Israel. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

By itai-sadan published September 23, 2016

Say Cheese for These 7 Free Stock-Photo Sites


Whether you promote content that is fresh or seasonal, evergreen or topical, your endeavor will be meaningless if it doesn’t make your readers sizzle and pop with excitement. How do you capture the attention of your audience without crafting content from scratch?

Perhaps all you need is a high-quality photo. Not a bland, lifeless image, but an attention-grabbing picture — one with a story behind it. Maybe you need a series of compelling images if you’re marketing a lengthy content piece.Continue Reading