Author: Isaac Justesen

Isaac Justesen is the founder of PatientPartners, a marketing agency that specializes in growing physiotherapy clinics. As a digital marketing expert and content strategist, Isaac helps companies elevate their business through advertising, local SEO, and compelling content. Follow him on Twitter @IsaacJustesen.

By isaacjustesen published September 19, 2022

10 Steps To Optimize Images for SEO

Updated Sept. 19, 2022

Not only do images make your content more accessible, attractive, and engaging to users, but they’re important for SEO.

Understanding the basics of image optimization gives your content the best opportunity to succeed with SEO.Continue Reading

By isaacjustesen published February 22, 2019

3 Tips for Eyeball-Worthy Content

You create a piece of content that gets virtual cheers from your audience. It gets tons of shares and drives more traffic than your last three pieces of content put together.

But the next piece you publish flatlines.

What’s going on? Why does some content attract a crowd, while other content is virtually ignored?

The answer can be complex. But often, the content isn’t consistent. If your goal is continued success, you must follow the same standards to create a strong foundation for every piece.

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