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Heidi Cohen is an actionable marketing expert. As president of Riverside Marketing Strategies, Heidi works with online media companies and e-tailers to increase profitability with innovative marketing programs based on solid analytics. During the course of 20 years, Heidi has obtained deep experience in direct and digital marketing across a broad array of products including soft goods, financial services, entertainment, media entities and crafts-oriented goods. Heidi shares her actionable marketing insights on her blog. Find Heidi Cohen online at Twitter @heidicohen, LinkedIn and Facebook.

By heidi-cohen published January 29, 2018

How to Curate Content Like A Pro: 8 Lessons [Examples]


Editor’s note: See new examples of content curation in this related post.

Content curation taps into the power of existing owned, social, and third-party media to enhance and extend your content marketing resources.

This doesn’t mean content curation is free.

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By heidi-cohen published February 23, 2015

12 Actionable Content Marketing Tips To Yield Sales

heidi-cohen-blog-post-coverContent marketing is transforming the information we consume as companies step into the role once reserved for professional media and publishers.

Here are five priceless content marketing lessons that will improve your results based on my experience working for global content titan Bertelsmann where I sold truckloads of books.Continue Reading

By heidi-cohen published July 28, 2014

9 Content Curation Ideas for Bulking Up Your Editorial Calendar

person visiting museum2014 is the year of content curation — the most “rad” format of content marketing right now.

While 93 percent of B2B marketers use content marketing, they’re encountering significant challenges when it comes to creating the quality content needed to satisfy prospects and customers, according to Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs 2014 market research. Specifically, they suffer from a lack of adequate time, have trouble producing sufficient amounts of content, and struggle to get budget.

Creating original content on a consistent basis can require a lot of dedicated resources, both human and financial. So what’s a resource-constrained marketer to do?Continue Reading

By heidi-cohen published March 10, 2014

5 Tips for Quality Content Creation That Won’t Bust Your Budget

bow-arrow image-quality content creationWith more marketers focusing on content creation and more people communicating on social media, every piece of content you distribute has to break through the clutter and grab your audience members in a way that predisposes them to choose your message over one that comes from your competition.

It’s not just about capturing attention — if it were, all you would need to do is consistently post a bunch of cat videos; but that’s not exactly going to help you achieve your key business goals, now is it?Continue Reading

By heidi-cohen published February 3, 2014

3 Strategies for Stretching Your Content Marketing Budget

tombstone-content marketing death prediction2014 is the year of content marketing!

Don’t take my word for it. Content Marketing Institute’s Joe Pulizzi said it best: “There will be a number of ‘content marketing is dead’ articles that flood the scene. Content marketing will finally make the big time.” 

This isn’t a surprising new revelation, since consumer trust in advertising and push marketing has eroded over time. In fact, the sources customers trust most are other customers and content marketing (according to a 2011 study by Nielsen).Continue Reading

By heidi-cohen published November 18, 2013

5 Tactics for Content Creators to Increase Content Consumption

couple looking at tablet-content consumptionAs a content creator, you can produce the best content in the world, but if it doesn’t break through the clutter and motivate your target audience to want to read it, it holds little value, no matter how well written it was, or how much time and effort you spent on developing, optimizing and distributing it!

Think of your content as a gift you give your readers. Content creators need to include intriguing packaging to entice readers and make sure they will want to “open” it.Continue Reading

By heidi-cohen published July 8, 2013

10 Content Marketing Best Practices for Greater Efficiency

Effective-content-marketing-efficiencyEvery businessperson, regardless of the type of organization they work for (B2C, B2B, not-for-profit, or solopreneur), wants content that drives traffic and helps build its audience. To this end, it’s a great idea to make your readers feel special by creating effective content marketing that provides exclusive access to information.

To minimize costs and to leverage related distribution and promotion, it’s helpful to have a plan in place from the outset of your content program. The following content marketing best practices and tips will help you build this plan in the most efficient and effective way possible.Continue Reading

By heidi-cohen published April 1, 2013

5 Tactics All Rock Star Content Creators Use

key to content creationWhich content creators don’t want the secret to producing rock star-quality content every time? Not many. Face it: Creating amazing content every time you sit down at the computer is difficult.

The key to generating high quality content on a consistent basis is to create a structure for your content offering.  (Editor’s note: Click the link to tweet.)

With content creation, the goal is to have a lot of the heavy lifting finished before you ever sit down to start producing it. To this end, it’s useful to think like an old-fashioned magazine editor whose publication is based around editorial events, regular columns, and departments. Continue Reading

By heidi-cohen published January 21, 2013

How to Solve Your Biggest Content Marketing Problem in 7 Easy Steps

problem-solving stepsCreating enough content is a major issue for more than half of B2B and B2C marketers, according to research by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs. Just adding more content marketing to your plans by itself isn’t sufficient to yield the most from your marketing investment.

Therefore, somewhat contrary to the above data, it seems that marketers’ biggest content marketing challenge is maximizing each content marketing effort’s effectiveness. As a result of doing this, each element of content would be better able to achieve its marketing objectives. Continue Reading

By heidi-cohen published December 10, 2012

Content Marketing Trends: 5 Awesome Examples from 2012

Five 2012 marketing trendsContent marketing reached a tipping point in 2012. While B2B and B2C marketers have used content marketing for years, it became the must-have element of every 2012 marketing plan, driven by the exponential growth of social media and the disruption of search rankings by Google Penguin and Google Panda.

Here are the five content marketing trends that were awesome this year, and some tips to help you leverage them for your 2013 marketing plans. Continue Reading