Author: Gordana Stok

Gordana is a Buyer Persona Institute Certified Practitioner and Content Marketing Consultant. During her 20-year career, Gordana has had the privilege to work with many start-up, mid-size and large enterprise companies – both as a marketing communications manager and independent consultant. Her responsibilities have consistently included crafting content targeted at B2B buyers, C-level executives and end-customers across a wide range of industries. You can follow her on Twitter @contentbridge_ or connect with her on LinkedIn.

By gstok published February 24, 2015

5 Things B2B Buyers Want Your Content To Do


There’s nothing more powerful than speaking with real buyers to take the guesswork out of what content they find valuable. In 2014, I had the pleasure to interview over 100 business and IT executives across a variety of industries about their buying journey and what resources they consulted to guide their decision-making process.

Here are some of the things they had to say about the content they came across as they searched for and evaluated solutions, what worked and what didn’t, and how you can make their buying experience better.Continue Reading