Author: Greg Reid

Greg Reid is a B2B content writer and recovering soccer and lacrosse coach living in Portland, Maine. He helps businesses entertain and educate their audiences to increase their sales. You can find his writing at Follow him on Twitter @gregreid820.

By gregreid published July 4, 2019

Want to Create Better Content? Coach A Kids’ Team

Remember last fall? When you volunteered to coach a soccer team next season?

It would be a hoot, you told the club president. A great way to get outside and spend time with the kids. Sign me up.

Sure, it’ll be a little crazy, you said. But you’re a content marketer. Crazy is your business.

Well, next season is a few weeks away.

(Let’s pause here for the panic to pass …)

But all is not lost. Yes, you’ll work harder than you thought. Yes, you’ll spend more time than you ever imagined.

And, yes, you’ll become a better content marketer because of it.

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