Author: Grace Hendryx

Grace Hendryx completed a short internship with Content Marketing Institute in the Spring of 2014. She is a student at Saint Joseph Academy High School and is thinking about pursuing a career in marketing. She is new to content marketing but takes a strong interest in the field.

By grace-hendryx published March 16, 2014

5 Standout Examples of Content Marketing in Retail Apps

store map-departmentsWith more and more traffic to websites coming from people who access the internet on mobile devices, it makes sense that companies would increase their use of mobile apps to get content into the hands of their target audiences. Consumers are becoming more accustomed to using apps to find the latest deals and information about products, so why not make it easy for them to find other ways to connect and engage with your brand?

Going beyond the standard functionality for making a purchase or finding a store nearby, the following examples of content marketing demonstrate some of the powerful ways retailers can leverage mobile apps to make customers’ lives easier — and make their shopping more time effective — while helping to build lasting customer loyalty. Continue Reading