Author: Gina Balarin

Gina Balarin isn’t just an inspirational speaker, storyteller and B2B marketing leader, she is an MCIM Chartered Marketer, with an MEd in Management Communication and a member of the Professional Speaking Association. The author of The Secret Army: Leadership, Marketing and the Power of People and many, many other texts too numerous to mention, Gina’s goal is to magnify the impact of her clients’ influence through her expert guiding hand, visionary consultancy, and authentic storytelling prowess. Gina Ballerina (as she has often been called) is a TEDx and keynote speaker who combines a big brain and a big personality in one very little package (she’s technically half a centimetre short of 5 foot). When she isn’t being a customer and content marketer, storyteller, trainer, mentor and coach she provides Stories as a Service to companies who have happy customers, but aren’t sure how using their stories can build better, more profitable businesses. And does Zumba. And drinks gin.

By gina-balarin published October 10, 2019

How to Stop Creating Content That Disappoints Your Audience

I felt cheated. Disappointed. Even a bit angry.

It had promised to be a good read. Everything from the email to the landing page and the title was consistent – it hinted at content full of valuable insights and data that would make me think.

I handed over my information to download the content with high expectations – expectations that their marketing had set – and I trusted the source, so I kept reading, waiting to get to an insight.

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By gina-balarin published April 21, 2013

9 Questions to Help You Prioritize Content Creation [Template]

Businessman at workContent marketing, what it’s for, and how it works, is becoming part of the business psyche. But, as this recent blog on how to survive the disillusionment of content marketing points out, one could argue that content marketers are almost becoming a victim of their own successes.Continue Reading