Author: Gary Lipkowitz

Gary has always loved media, entertainment and technology and is really glad he gets to “work” in these fields. He joined GoAnimate in 2011, after spending ten years in Asia working with, Mediacorp Raintree Pictures, Yahoo! Southeast Asia, and MTV Asia. He holds a BA (Magna Cum Laude) from NYU, an MFA in Film from Northwestern, and an MBA (With Distinction) from INSEAD. Follow Gary at @L1pk0 and GoAnimate at @GoAnimate.

By gary-lipkowitz published October 4, 2015

11 Ways to Use Video in Your Content Marketing


Are you considering allocating budget to video? Whether it’s a one-time production in the tens of thousands or a long-term capital investment that may reach hundreds of thousands, video investments are often hard to evaluate and approve because they rarely generate a direct response.

Your video project is likely top or middle of the funnel activity, meaning ROI is hard to prove. No matter how enthusiastic your team is about video or how much you hear in digital media circles that video is the next great tactic, you need some plain talk about what type of videos to consider based on different circumstances.Continue Reading