Author: Frank Thomas

Frank Thomas leads the Content Strategy & Content Marketing team of adidas’ Corporate Communications department. As such, he helps to enhance the company’s reputation worldwide, by creating, governing, and evolving an integrated communication framework that further maximizes the department’s impact. He’s the key architect of both,, and the strategy behind it. GamePlan A helps and inspires its community to tackle work life with an athlete’s heart. Follow him on Twitter @framatho

By fthomas published July 16, 2017

How Adidas Creates Moments of Relevance

adidas-creates-moments-relevanceWhen we launched the adidas content hub,, in May 2016, we put culture at the core of our content marketing strategy. The goal of this venture is to engage employees and attract the right talent and build relationships with like-minded people (be they internal or external) who have a cultural background compatible to our own.

While all of this will help create advocacy in the long term, driving revenue isn’t a primary goal of GamePlan A.

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