Author: Fi Shailes

Alongside Fi's role as a social strategist at award-winning B2B agency, twogether, she freelances part-time -- writing content and managing social media for insurance, fintech, and SaaS clients. She manages the Digital Drum blog, which has been up and running since January 2016. It won a UK Blog Award in 2019. She also writes articles for Working in Content and Better Marketing (Medium). Follow her on Twitter @Fi_digitaldrum.

By fi-shailes published September 20, 2021

How Social Listening Differentiates Brand Content

This woefully underused audience research tactic lets you spy on your competitors, monitor your industry space, and identify the voices in your sector.

The well-kept secret tool is social listening.Continue Reading

By fi-shailes published March 22, 2021

5 Fixes to Help Avoid Content Bottlenecks

We all know the dream, right? We create and distribute amazing, engaging content because we had:

We all know the reality, right? We endure strict deadlines, spend way too long getting buy-in and approvals, and see new content requests pile up. We also continuously fight the good fight for developing worthy, value-rich content for the brand.

In 2020, we inherited a few more obstacles to keep everything moving and staying connected to the wider organization to ensure ongoing buy-in support for content marketing.

While we can’t solve everything, we can work to fix the bottlenecks that make the dream a lot closer to reality.Continue Reading