Author: Fi Shailes

Alongside Fi's role as a social strategist at award-winning B2B agency, twogether, she freelances part-time -- writing content and managing social media for insurance, fintech, and SaaS clients. She manages the Digital Drum blog, which has been up and running since January 2016. It won a UK Blog Award in 2019. She also writes articles for Working in Content and Better Marketing (Medium). Follow her on Twitter @Fi_digitaldrum.

By fi-shailes published March 22, 2021

5 Fixes to Help Avoid Content Bottlenecks

We all know the dream, right? We create and distribute amazing, engaging content because we had:

We all know the reality, right? We endure strict deadlines, spend way too long getting buy-in and approvals, and see new content requests pile up. We also continuously fight the good fight for developing worthy, value-rich content for the brand.

In 2020, we inherited a few more obstacles to keep everything moving and staying connected to the wider organization to ensure ongoing buy-in support for content marketing.

While we can’t solve everything, we can work to fix the bottlenecks that make the dream a lot closer to reality.Continue Reading