Author: Fergal McGovern

Fergal McGovern is the founder and CEO at VisibleThread, a natural language processing and AI technology company that automates and improves content clarity. Follow him on Twitter @FergalMcGovern and his company @VisibleThread.

By fergalmcgovern published April 1, 2019

The UX of Words: How to Make Your Content More Readable

If reading your content takes too much effort, interaction falls off and you have churn. You may already know this, but can you measure it scientifically? It’s time to shine a light on the readability blind spot.

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By fergalmcgovern published March 8, 2018

How to Make Your Content More Readable


Your team has created, socialized, and measured content in just about every possible way … except for one of the most important metrics: how your audience is engaging with the words.

You want visitors to find information, stay engaged, or complete a task. But once readers’ eyes hit the words on the page, if it takes too much effort, their interaction falls off and you have churn. You know this anecdotally. Yet most don’t measure it scientifically.

Which of the thousands if not millions of words on a website are helping or hurting? What content is too dense or confusing?
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