Author: Emily King

Emily King is the Content Marketing Manager of Radix Communications, managing Radix’s own content marketing initiatives – including the Good Copy, Bad Copy podcast – and the monthly #b2bcopychat on Twitter. Emily holds a MA in Professional Writing from Falmouth University. Outside of marketing, she’s known as the founder of Nerds Assemble. You can connect with her on Twitter @emkingma.

By emily-king published August 18, 2016

How to Atomize 1 Killer Piece of Content Into 10


Has your content team ever created a one-hit wonder? If so, you may be sitting on an opportunity to create many pieces of killer content from that original piece.

That’s what my team did. In this post, I’ll show how Radix, a B2B copywriting agency, atomized one core article into a set of pieces — a steady flow of fresh content over two years. During those two years, we turned the message of one newsletter article written by our founder, Fiona Campbell-Howes, into these 10 pieces:Continue Reading

By emily-king published November 28, 2014

How to Tell a Compelling B2B Story Using Comics

14422688127_ac946e1899_o Maybe you’re wondering: Why on earth would you use comics in B2B marketing?

True, it’s not a format you regularly see in the wild, but comics have two great things in their favor: They’re a visual medium and they’re heavily geared toward storytelling.Continue Reading