Author: Eva Jackson

Eva Jackson is the senior marketing manager at Emplify, an Indianapolis-based tech company that provides employee engagement insights to business leaders. She is also the founder of Agile Marketing Indy, an area networking meetup that encourages conversation around how to integrate Agile into the marketing workflow. When she’s not working to get sh*t done at Emplify, you can find Eva traveling with her husband, Jeffrey, or cuddling with her pets, Beans the dog, and Vinny the cat. Connect with Eva on Twitter @evacjackson.

By ejackson published June 8, 2017

Agile Practices: How to Avoid Mistakes Our Marketing Team Made

mistakes-agile-marketing-teamThe secret’s out. Agile project management is a game-changer – and developers and IT folks are no longer the only ones to know about it.

As a marketer, you’ve surely heard about Agile. Your team may be using some Agile practices, like project sprints and stand-up meetings. If so, you’re in the minority. The benefits of Agile are still largely untapped by marketing teams. According to a new report by Workfront and MarketingProfs, only 30% of marketing teams use an Agile approach to manage their processes. The other 70% probably experience the same frustrations my team experienced before we committed to making Agile work. Continue Reading