Author: Domenica D'Ottavio

Domenica D'Ottavio is the brand relationship manager at Fractl, a boutique growth agency based in Delray Beach, FL. When she’s not musing over the latest developments in content and PR, you can find her planning her next international trip, likely over a bowl of risotto. Follow her on Twitter @atdomenica or connect with her on LinkedIn.

By domenicadottavio published February 26, 2019

How to Use Twitter to Connect for Link Building

When it comes to link building, one tactic rises above the rest in effectiveness and ROI – content distributed through high-authority online publishers. To secure those links, you must connect with their journalists, editors, writers, or contributors.

That’s the time to turn to Twitter.

How can you pitch a high-quality article in 280 characters? You probably can’t. You have email for that. The real question is “How can you use Twitter to build authentic relationships with journalists, writers, and editors?”

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