Author: Dianna Huff

The founder and president of Huff Industrial Marketing, Inc., Dianna Huff creates and implements thoughtful marketing strategies that help small, family-run industrial manufacturers grow and succeed. She's also the co-author, with Rachel Cunliffe of Cre8d Design, of 101 Ways to Market Your Website, a guide for small business owners, consultants, freelancers -- anyone with a website. You can follow Dianna on Twitter @diannahuff.

By dianna-huff published September 30, 2010

Look to Your Customers for Fresh Content Ideas

At a recent presentation I gave, a gentleman in the audience asked how he could develop content for his business website. A plumber by trade, he and his partner had already optimized and “tricked out” their site for Google Places.

I began rattling off ideas . . . but it wasn’t until a few days later that I realized that people don’t need help with understanding the type of content to create (e.g., guides, e-books, white papers, etc.). Instead, people need help with generating the ideas in the first place.Continue Reading

By dianna-huff published August 25, 2010

Make Your Content Do Double Duty When Writing to Multiple Audiences

As a B2B marketer or content creator, your job is to create pieces of original content that address the needs/concerns/challenges of your audience. As you know, however, the B2B sales cycle, which can be quite complex, often includes more than one “audience” type as buying decisions are made by teams of people: the purchaser, the end users, the internal champion, the department head, etc.

So what happens if you’re a small company or department, you have two or more distinct audiences – i.e. techies who want product features and management types who want bottom line benefits – and your budget doesn’t allow you to produce separate content for each audience type?Continue Reading

By dianna-huff published June 30, 2010

How to Find Content Ideas in Your Web Analytics Report

Did you know that your Web analytics application is a wealth of information when it comes to generating ideas for new content? If you are like many people I know, you may look at the top 10 or 20 keywords to give you a good macro view of the search phrases people used to find your site. However, looking at many more of the keywords that people use to get to your site can provide a a lot of ideas.Continue Reading