Author: Dennis Shiao

Dennis is the founder of B2B marketing agency Attention Retention and organizer of the Bay Area Content Marketing Meetup. He curates a marketing-related email newsletter called Content Corner that comes out every other Friday. Feel free to reach out to Dennis on Twitter @dshiao.

By dennisshiao published March 4, 2020

How to Do Visual Content With Low, Medium, and High Budgets

I was excited to attend a particular session at Content Marketing World. With 10 minutes to go, I picked up my pace down the hallway. When I arrived, the door was closed with a sign that read “FULL.”


A missed opportunity for sure, but I made up for it by viewing the presentation later and writing about it for you here.

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By dennisshiao published February 19, 2020

Stop Wasting Time: Review Your Website Analytics

Is reviewing site analytics something that’s always on your to-do list but never gets crossed off?

Andy Crestodina of Orbit Media says that doesn’t make sense. “The reason to use analytics is to stop wasting time and to abandon those tactics and processes that don’t make a difference. I use analytics because I’m busy,” he says.

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By dennisshiao published January 30, 2020

A Small Amount of Data Can Do It for B2B Personalization

Bring up the topic of personalization and marketers undoubtedly reference Amazon and Netflix.

Amazon has an uncanny way to recommend related products to add to your shopping cart, while Netflix knows just the movie or show you’re in the mood for. While their personalization is indeed fantastic, they have a big advantage: your customer data. Amazon knows your detailed purchase history, while Netflix knows your detailed viewing history.

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By dennisshiao published January 1, 2020

7 Helpful Social Media Tips

A badge of honor is displayed on my Twitter profile: I joined in December 2007. Back then, we were still at 140 characters and link shortening tools didn’t exist. Retweets and replies were manual. That’s right: To retweet someone, you had to type “RT @[user],” then copy and paste their tweet.

Not the new kids on the block, Twitter and Facebook are teenagers. And Instagram? It is 10 this year.

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By dennisshiao published December 12, 2019

Storytelling in Marketing: 3 Successful Examples

Most brands are poor at brand storytelling. They take the “brand” component too literally and make it all about them. Or they create content without a real story.

Done well, brand storytelling can be not only a differentiator but a memorable opportunity to draw and engage an audience.

Let’s explore three avenues for successful brand storytelling shared at Content Marketing World 2019.

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By dennisshiao published November 14, 2019

The One Way to Stand Out in the Crowd of Content

This story begins in the present.

Brian Fanzo is a founder, CEO, and keynote speaker. He does 70 speaking engagements a year. Over the past four years, he has done more than 4,000 live video broadcasts.

Brian works with leading brands, including Dell, Adobe, IBM, and SAP. He did influencer engagements at Mobile World Congress and the Super Bowl. Chances are you know Brian.

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By dennisshiao published November 7, 2019

Analyze 6 Elements to Land Better Conversion Rates

Whenever I predict the winner of an A/B test, I get it wrong.

With years of marketing experience and a lifetime of filling out online forms, I think I know what combinations of copy, layout, and design will work better. But thousands of users prove me wrong, time and again.

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By dennisshiao published October 9, 2019

Get the Audience Greenlight: A Lesson From a 19th Century Nurse

Do you recognize these two famous people?

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By dennisshiao published September 25, 2019

Ethical Marketing: Are You Crossing the Line?

As I was getting ready to pick up my wife and daughter at the airport, I went to Google and entered the airline and flight number.

I wasn’t expecting what I found.

I expected to see a Google answer box neatly displaying the flight status like I do for simple searches like “time in London,” “100 dollars to Japanese yen,” and “59 degrees Fahrenheit to Celsius.”
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By dennisshiao published September 17, 2019

Creative + Logic = Most Helpful Content Experiences

Are you a left or right brain?

If you’re comfortable with numbers, logic, and reasoning, you’re a left brain.

If you’re creative and rely on intuition to make decisions, you’re a right brain.

Mathematics? Left brain.

Art? Right brain.

In the world of marketing:

Automation? Left brain.

Creative? Right brain.

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