Author: Debamrita Ghosh

Debamrita is a B2G SaaS content writer at AssetIntel, a company selling software solutions to U.S. state DOTs for managing their transport infrastructure assets. As an independent content marketing writer, she's worked with many B2B brands before, including Neil Patel Digital, where she wrote multiple SEO blog posts, pillar pages, and how-to guides. Her worst nightmares involve Princess Content getting chased by the Low-Quality Orcs, until she turns around to face them, brandishing her Sword of Research. You can find Debamrita on LinkedIn.

By debamrita-ghosh published August 8, 2022

Keep Your Audience Top of Mind With the Simple Jobs-To-Be-Done Formula

Content marketing is not about your brand; it’s about your brand’s target audience.

I know, I know, every single content marketer should know this by now. But how many times have you really implemented that concept?

Enter the jobs theory, also known as the jobs-to-be-done (JTBD) framework.

JTBD theory specifies a consumer’s “job” – what that individual tries to achieve in a certain situation. Consumers complete the job by “hiring” products or services.Continue Reading