Author: David McGuire

David McGuire is a B2B content writer and creative director of the UK-based B2B tech copywriting agency Radix Communications. He’s spent most of this century crafting engaging content for B2B brands like Microsoft, Salesforce and Mitsubishi, and helping technology marketers to make their work exciting, accessible, and clear. He’s also the host of the UK’s national copywriting conference and the long-running B2B writing podcast “Good Copy, Bad Copy”.

By davidmcguire published July 2, 2020

5 Big Obstacles Encountered by B2B Content Marketers

Every corner of B2B is drowning in identikit, low-value content.

Why? Is it because B2B involves complicated subject matter, stuffy audiences, and restrictive brand compliance?

No. They don’t even make the list, according to 105 B2B content marketers in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and the Netherlands we surveyed last year at Radix Communications.

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