Author: David Germano

David Germano is the president and chief content officer of Magnetic Content Studios. Since 2012, Magnetic has been focused on helping brands create experiences that attract and nurture audience relationships. David is also the co-chair of the ANA’s content marketing committee. You can follow David on Twitter or on LinkedIn.

By david-germano published August 28, 2013

How Your Editorial Content Can Fuel Big Data Insights

big dataMuch has been written about the importance of brands embracing storytelling — or, at the very least, becoming better at creating more dynamic audience-facing narratives.

The goal of advanced content marketing is to enhance a brand’s ability to influence behavior through sustained content creation, fundamentally changing how audiences perceive that brand. This progressive approach to operationalizing editorial content has driven many marketing teams to start evolving into newsroomsContinue Reading

By david-germano published October 11, 2012

Transform Your Agency into a Content-Focused Newsroom in 60 Days

content-focused newsroom -- cover, CMIMarketing agencies are notorious for being their own worst clients. Billable clients always come first (and for good reason), so agencies often default to allowing client work to speak for their capabilities because they often don’t have the time or capacity to speak for themselves.

But content marketing challenges the notion that client work should always come first. Content marketing, more than any other ”marketing discipline,” requires a convergence of processes and an integration of skills to achieve efficiency and effectiveness. Any given agency may possess the needed parts — content creation, SEO, social media, data analytics, and technical capabilities — but it’s the sum or integration of these parts that really matters. In order for an agency to help others effectively market through sustained editorial, it must ”walk-the-talk” by operationalizing and mastering this same process for itself.Continue Reading

By david-germano published May 15, 2012

How Marketers are Shifting to Owned Media to Drive Impact

How brand marketers can make an impact, CMIFast, dramatic changes in the digital space have given brand marketers new opportunities to earn and sustain the consumer’s attention without paid media. Social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, to name just three, empower brands to communicate directly with an audience.

While many brands rush to leverage these direct to consumer channels, few have altered their brand narratives and their approach to content creation as they move from paying others to broadcast their brand content to leveraging it themselves for direct consumer engagement.Continue Reading