Author: Dave Brown

I’ve always loved storytelling. What started with impromptu nighttime stories for my kid sister, has led to writing content for businesses across the US. Of course, there are many tales to share from what happened between then and now. Maybe one day, I’ll write one of the American greats. Get in touch with me and my small army of blog writers for any content help you need by visiting ContentDevelopmentPros. Follow Dave on Twitter @DaveBrown500.

By davebrown published February 12, 2019

Here’s What We Learned From 50 of the Most Popular Blogs

Blogging has come a long way from the days of niche link catalogs and online journals. From the stratospheric rise of content aggregators such as Huffington Post and Gizmodo in the late 2000s to popular figures such as Tim Ferriss, Michelle Gardner, and Amber Clark, a slew of digital superstars emerged over the years.

But creating real engagement through written content alone is tougher today than ever before. Recent estimates place the number of new blog posts published every day at over 4 million.

Adding to this, Google and other search engines implement increasingly inscrutable algorithms that rank web content on everything from mobile friendliness to video integration, page structure, and constantly shifting keyword optimization guidelines.

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