Author: Darek Black

Darek Black is the co-founder of Content Stride, a company that provides copywriting, graphic design, and content marketing services. Also, he is the founder Grit Digest, a blog that connects money with mindset. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter @ContentStride.

By darekblack published March 2, 2021

Write Like You Talk: 12 Tips for Conversational Content

Do you remember the teacher in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off who had that monotone voice?

Instead of engaging his students, Mr. Robotic tranquilized them. Heads tilted, mouths open, drooling.

As content marketers, we can’t afford to have that same sleep-inducing effect on our audiences. Even readers give sound to the voice, cadence, and tone of our words, also known as their “inner reading voice.”

The antidote to monotone content? Conversational writing.

Why conversational? Conversations feel more personal, less academic. As Donald M. Murray once said, “Effective writing is a conversation with a reader.”Continue Reading

By darekblack published September 15, 2020

How to Get Your Content to Stick

Time fades away. Unforgettable messages endure.


They’re made to stick, as Chip and Dan Heath note in their marketing classic Made to Stick.

The Heath brothers provide a checklist for creating sticky messages – a checklist you can use to make your content memorable.

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