Author: Daniel Waas

Daniel Waas is a B2B marketer with a passion for digital and a keen interest in content strategy and creation. He heads up the Demand Generation team of Citrix' Online Services Division in Europe (opinions his own). He also owns and runs, a brand-new white paper distribution service. You can follow Daniel on Twitter at @WhitepaperDepot, or on Google+

By daniel-waas published December 20, 2012

Content Design: 3 Steps to Create Compelling Covers

content design, a compelling coverAre your white paper cover images text-only, virtually shouting, “I’m a dull read” in your prospect’s face?

While “don’t judge a book by its cover” might be the credo of a teenage wallflower longing for her first love, it certainly shouldn’t drive your design or content marketing efforts.

On the web, where users spontaneously decide if something is worth their attention, a dull cover is a sure way to kill your landing page conversion rate. Convincing the reader to take action is best achieved with an appealing hero image.Continue Reading