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By contentmarketinginstitute published May 26, 2023

Is Marketing Climate Change Coming? Or Is It Already Here?

Is marketing climate change a thing? New results from Gartner’s 2023 CMO Spend and Strategy Survey hint at the evolution.Continue Reading

By contentmarketinginstitute published May 19, 2023

Don’t Miss the Big News Hidden in Google’s Cool AI Tools Announcements

Last week, Google gathered to announce all the things they’re developing.

Google’s reveals focused on its main product and revenue model – search and advertising. Not surprisingly, those two categories pique the interest of marketers everywhere. But we’ll get to that in a minute.Continue Reading

By contentmarketinginstitute published May 12, 2023

Content Marketing Deserves More Respect From In-House Agencies

Content marketing should have a place in in-house marketing agencies.

But what exactly should it be?

Newly released research indicates what’s happening, and CMI’s chief strategy advisor Robert Rose shares what you should be doing about that.Continue Reading

By contentmarketinginstitute published May 5, 2023

Martech Mania Brings International Celebration and Over 11,000 Solutions

How much marketing technology do you need?

Apparently, more, more, and more.

And you need to celebrate it.

This week, Scott Brinker released the 2023 edition of the Martech Landscape Map – with a whopping 11,038 solutions. And on Tuesday, the world celebrated International Martech Day. (Sorry, we couldn’t find a Hallmark card to send to all of you martech professionals in the audience.)Continue Reading

By contentmarketinginstitute published April 28, 2023

Should Brands Follow Ethical Guidelines for AI Use? The PR Council Says Yes

AI’s pending disruption of the worlds of content and marketing continues to make headlines. But this week, some ethics-focused news and an intriguing survey of marketers on the subject grabbed our attention.

The PR Council issued guidelines on the ethical uses of generative AI based on the group’s existing code of ethics and principles.Continue Reading

By contentmarketinginstitute published April 21, 2023

Google Did a Cookie-Free Experiment. Should the Results Matter to You?

Third-party cookies don’t crumble easily.

In 2021, Google announced 2022 as the end of third-party cookies in its Chrome internet browser. It didn’t have a replacement in 2022, so it punted the disappearance down the road to 2024. And now, another delay could be on the horizon.Continue Reading

By contentmarketinginstitute published April 14, 2023

Why the Martech Debate Only Delivers Wrong Answers

Is your technology suite sweet? Or is your collection of marketing tools a fabulous “frankenstack?”

The debate of one unified platform vs. best-of-breed solutions has raged in marketing for the last 20 years. Every couple of years, an article or keynote address promises to put an “end to the debate” but only walks through the pros and cons of each. Ultimately, the “debate” ends with a more wishy-washy than a definitive conclusion – choose the best option for you.Continue Reading

By contentmarketinginstitute published April 7, 2023

Copyright Guidance Gives Content Marketers an Easy Decision on AI vs. Human Content

Imagine you have a pile of sand.

You remove a grain. Is it still a pile of sand?

You remove grain by grain until only one remains. Is it still a pile?

If not, when did the pile become a non-pile?

That heap paradox can serve you well today as the tension around AI-generative content grows thicker around the world.Continue Reading

By contentmarketinginstitute published March 31, 2023

With First-Party Data, the Experience Is the Most Important Part

You know that scene from Seinfeld where Jerry challenges a customer representative who tells him they have no rental cars available even though he had a reservation?

“I know why we have reservations,” the car rental worker replies after Jerry expresses his dismay.

“I don’t think you do. If you did, I would have a car. See you know how to take reservation, you just don’t know how to hold the reservation. And that’s really the most important part of the reservation – the holding,” Jerry replies.

As it turns out, marketing takes a similar approach to first-party data acquisition. New Gartner research says it’s not about policies to guide how you take the first-party data; it’s about the experiences to capture the first-party data. It’s the experience – the exchange of value – that’s the most important part.

Get Robert Rose’s take in this week’s CMI News video or keep reading for the highlights:

Continue Reading

By contentmarketinginstitute published March 24, 2023

The ‘Big’ YouTube Announcement Almost Drowned by a Sea of AI News

Forget the never-ending conversations this week about Microsoft’s CoPilot, OpenAI’s launch of ChatGPT-4, and the U.S. Copyright Office guidance for AI-created works.

No, the buried news deserving your attention comes from a “big” announcement by YouTube.Continue Reading