Author: Clare McDermott

Clare McDermott is the co-founder and head of strategy at Mantis Research. Follow her @clare_mcd.

By clare-mcdermott published December 19, 2012

How to Keep Your Compelling Content Engine Fueled and Running Smoothly

compelling content engine - nelson

Amanda Nelson, Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Manager of Content

Popular social media management platform Radian6 went through a major transition when Salesforce recently acquired the business. As Manager of Content for the newly created Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Amanda Nelson helped transition the organization’s content as part of the rebrand.

Her job is to create and curate content for the Salesforce Marketing Cloud community. She manages everything from the blog and eBooks to webinars and infographics — with the help of a content team, of course.Continue Reading

By clare-mcdermott published December 9, 2012

How Your Content Marketing Strategy Can Drive Growth

Brenda Spiering Bio Pic for Brighter LifeBrenda Spiering is the editor of, an online money, health, and wellness publication created to funnel traffic back to Sun Life Financial’s main website. The publication has been incredibly successful in reaching its goals. Brenda recently shed some light on BrighterLife’s content strategy. Continue Reading

By clare-mcdermott published December 4, 2012

Content Marketing to Captivate an On-the-Go Audience

content marketing audience, garry mcguireDigital place-based media — the screens you see at the grocery checkout or in the back seat of your taxi — offers brand marketers a unique way to reach a particular customer at a particular moment. But does filling up these moments of boredom make sense?

We spoke to Garry McGuire, CEO of RMG Networks, about why digital place-based media is taking off, and what to consider before jumping in. Continue Reading

By clare-mcdermott published November 28, 2012

How Influencers Have Ignited IBM’s Content Marketing

IBM’s Leslie Reiser

As one of the world’s best-known tech brands, IBM faces unique challenges — trying to ramp up its presence in an existing market where it is lesser known, for example. Leslie Reiser, IBM’s Program Director for Digital Marketing Worldwide, is facing that challenge head-on. Continue Reading

By clare-mcdermott published November 15, 2012

Enterprise-Wide Content Marketing: One Company’s “Crazy” Vision

Content Marketing Institute - Michael Brenner, SAP

Michael Brenner

As Senior Director of Integrative Marketing and Content Strategy at SAP, Michael Brenner is his company’s first content marketing evangelist. He single-handedly launched a content marketing program that leverages a mix of original, repurposed and external content to get SAP’s message across.

But it isn’t all fun and games for Michael. The size of his company presents unique challenges — not the least of which is how to implement content across the entire enterprise.Continue Reading

By clare-mcdermott published October 31, 2012

Create Social Media Publishing Success for B2B Brands

Alan Belniak is Global Director of Social Media for PTC, one of the world’s largest manufacturing technology firms. With no official content marketing division, PTC’s marketing team works together to figure out content strategy. But it’s Alan’s job to understand how content fuels the brand’s social media presence.Continue Reading

By clare-mcdermott published September 18, 2012

What Content Marketers Need to Know About Interactive eBooks

London – A City Through Time By Heuristic-Media

If it’s true that brands are becoming publishers, then the quiet revolution occurring in book publishing should make us all sit up and listen. Mention “digital book” and many still think of a print book viewed on a Kindle or iPad screen. Erase that thought.Continue Reading

By clare-mcdermott published September 11, 2012

IQ by Intel: What Content Marketers Can Learn from This New Digital Magazine

Intel’s new digital magazine offers a peek at the outer edge of design, technology, social and big data. CCO magazine interviewed Bryan Rhoads, editor in chief, to find out why IQ matters.Continue Reading

By clare-mcdermott published August 17, 2012

How to Join the Ranks of the Digital “Supercreatives:” An Interview with Leslie Bradshaw

Leslie Bradshaw

Leslie Bradshaw

Fast Company named Leslie Bradshaw one among The Most Influential Women in Tech last year. Her Los Angeles-based agency, once known exclusively for its data-rich infographics and social data-driven interactive displays, is now a leading force in content development and visual storytelling with clients like Google, Nike and American Express.

CCO spoke to Bradshaw about what it takes to be a rising star in the competitive world of digital supercreatives, how to work with a creative agency and why some content breaks through the clutter.Continue Reading

By clare-mcdermott published August 3, 2012

Infographics Are a Full Meal; Consumer Audiences Need Snackable Content

In the August issue of CCO magazine, I interviewed Leslie Bradshaw, co-founder of JESS3 and one of Fast Company’s Most Influential Women in Tech. JESS3 is known for creating beautiful and highly creative data visualizations, such as Eloqua’s Blog Tree and Google’s Search for the Nominee. Surely Leslie and JESS3 are infographic evangelists, right?Continue Reading