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By clare-mcdermott published September 3, 2017

How GE Gives Recruiting Content a Personality Lift


If you asked a roomful of CEOs 15 years ago what drives competitive advantage, the answer would have been straightforward: capital. Those with more of it could outspend competitors – building capacity and buying advertising – or survive on low margins.

Ask the same question of a CEO audience today, and they’re much more likely to cite human capital. The long-running PwC global survey of CEOs – now in its 20th year – underscores this idea. Across all industries, three in four CEOs say a shortage of key skills is a critical threat to their business (among technology CEOs, the availability of key skills is considered the biggest threat to the business, bigger than issues like the speed of technological change and cyber threats.)

3 in 4 CEOs say a shortage of key skills is a critical threat to their business via @PwC global survey. Click To Tweet

For a company like GE, which has redefined itself from a manufacturing company to a “digital industrial” (GE’s term) over the last decade, the ability to attract and keep top science and technology talent is mission critical. Why? GE is seeking to power the industrial internet of things, which entails putting sensors on an increasing number of assets inside factories, power grids, farms, hospitals, etc. These internet-connected assets allow companies to monitor operation and efficiency, and develop what GE calls “a system view of an entire enterprise operation.”

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By clare-mcdermott published August 11, 2017

Video-Phobic Marketers: It’s Time to Get Over Your Fear of Producing Video

get-over-fear-producing-videosJeff Julian got his start in video at the ripe old age of 12. Video was a creative outlet for him during a challenging time … middle school.

“When I was in middle school, I went from an average size kid to a big kid,” Jeff explains. “I got picked on quite a bit. Playing with computers and electronics was a way for me to fit in and be creative. I began producing funny skits with my best friend. We impersonated ESPN, Saturday Night Live, and even Robin Leach from Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Our videos became popular at school. No one else was doing it so those videos came to define me when I was a kid.”Continue Reading

By clare-mcdermott published June 30, 2017

Content Marketing Industry: What’s Happening in Hiring [Research]

content-marketing-industry-hiring-researchHiring a new member for your content marketing team seems like a great thing. After all, whether you’re expanding the team or replacing a departing employee, you’ll have more resources to execute a successful content marketing program.

But finding and attracting quality creative content team members is a job unto itself. It’s a challenge faced by 45% of advertising and marketing executives, according to a survey of 400 U.S. industry leaders by The Creative Group.Continue Reading

By clare-mcdermott published June 23, 2017

Read These Books: Summer Recommendations from Content Marketers

books-summer-recommendations-content-marketersNeed something to snap you out of your slump? Turn to your fellow marketers for advice about books and a few podcasts that are practical, inspirational, and downright fun.Continue Reading

By clare-mcdermott published June 18, 2017

How The Weather Channel Does Social Media

weather-channel-social-mediaJennifer Watson began her career as an on-camera meteorologist in Mississippi and Alabama, where she also helped manage both stations’ social media channels and weather blogs. Taking a job as a social media specialist with Atlanta-based The Weather Channel was a natural transition for her. “The Weather Channel is a dream job for a weather nerd like me,” says Watson.Continue Reading

By clare-mcdermott published June 16, 2017

Print’s Very Much Alive: Magazine Examples From 9 Brands

print-alive-magazine-examples-brandsWhile marketers flood new digital channels and explore the latest amplification strategies, a number of companies continue to invest in the “traditional” media of print to reach their customers.

CMI research reveals that while print is not a particularly popular way to distribute content – approximately one-third of B2B and B2C marketers use print – those who do use print consider it the most important channel after email and LinkedIn (for B2B) and Facebook (for B2C).

Read on for inspiration across industries, marketing goals, and styles.

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By clare-mcdermott published May 14, 2017

Social Media Advice From Mark Hamill      


The iconic actor Mark Hamill delivered a moving keynote talk at Content Marketing World, touching on his early love of comic heroes, the gratitude he feels toward fans, what it was like to reprise the role of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and his new show called Pop Culture Quest.

What stood out to us? Mark’s social media savvy (even while he professes to be a neophyte). Read on to hear about his foray into the Twitterverse and the lessons he’s learned from his successes … as well as his wrong turns.Continue Reading

By clare-mcdermott published March 7, 2017

7 Apps and Tools Obsessed by Content Marketers


We all have those go-to apps or tools. You know, those icons you instinctively tap and that frustrate you when they’re switched to a different position on the page. Or those sites you don’t even need to bookmark because they pop up when you type the first letter in the address bar.

I appreciate learning what others consider their most-loved sites or apps so I can consider adding them to my repertoire. This month, I asked seven people connected to CCO magazine to share with you a manageable list of a diverse group of must-have tools to help improve your work life.Continue Reading

By clare-mcdermott published March 5, 2017

Best-Selling Author Shares Thoughts on Storytelling, Inspiration, and Creative Process


Before he was the best-selling author of The Martian, Andy Weir was a computer programmer who wrote short stories as a hobby. In his words, “I thought I was writing for a tiny niche audience of hard-core science dorks.” Now working on his second manuscript with Random House, Weir reflects on the journey he took to get here.Continue Reading

By clare-mcdermott published January 26, 2017

How Virtual Reality Could Change Content Marketing


No longer the domains of ultra-early adopters and video gamers, virtual reality and augmented reality are poised to take off in the coming 24 months.

“We see qualities in VR/AR technology that can take this from niche-use case to a device as ubiquitous as the smartphone,” Goldman Sachs Research wrote in its Virtual and Augmented Reality report.Continue Reading