Author: Chuck Hester

Chuck Hester is the chief connections officer for Chuck Hester Enterprises. As a LinkedIn trainer and speaker, helping executives and businesses get the most out of LinkedIn, while teaching them how to communicate effectively. Contact him directly at [email protected]. Chuck will be moderating the keynote track at Content Marketing World in September, 2018.

By chuckhester published July 3, 2018

LinkedIn for Content Marketing: What You Need to Know

linkedin-content-marketing-need-to-knowIf you are a LinkedIn member – and there are more than 500 million – you can be a content marketer on the platform.

About two years ago, LinkedIn opened its publishing platform to all members, allowing them to publish blogs directly and promote their content throughout the LinkedIn network and beyond.

While LinkedIn is primarily a B2B social media platform, both B2B and B2C brands can benefit from publishing on it. Executives from Virgin (including Richard Branson), GE, and Microsoft all publish on LinkedIn. Publishing directly on LinkedIn increases their reach and allows them to connect directly with their customers.

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