Author: Chris Frascella

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By chris-frascella published March 23, 2018

How Chatbots, Text Messaging Support Conversational Content

conversational-content-text-messaging-chatbotsConversational interactions between content consumers and brands – via SMS text-style messaging and chatbots – are redefining how marketing teams can engage their audiences.

When communication technology provides greater immediacy and convenience to content consumers like this, changes in expectations are likely to follow — many of us who manage brands learned this lesson through the growth and evolution of social media.

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By chris-frascella published October 11, 2015

How I Beat Neil Patel on His Own Blog (and Grew My Network at the Same Time)


In less than eight days, my guest post on The Daily Egg (the blog of Crazy Egg) inspired 20% more shares than a post that had been up for more than 20 weeks by Crazy Egg co-founder Neil Patel (respected blogging and digital marketing guru).Continue Reading