Author: Cathy McPhillips

Cathy is the vice president of marketing at the Content Marketing Institute, leading marketing efforts for CMI, Content Marketing World, ContentTECH Summit, CMI University, CCO magazine, and other CMI properties. She works hard to get you to CMI events - online and off - and gets extra excited for opportunities to meet #CMWorld community members in person! Cathy is also a board member for The Orange Effect Foundation. You can follow her on Twitter @cmcphillips.

By cathy-mcphillips published June 19, 2019

Agencies See Growth in Content Marketing Business [New Research]

Agencies are banking on content marketing. More than half report that nearly half their business is in content marketing services and many feel confident they’re successfully meeting clients’ content needs.

Those are some of the findings in the newly released Content Marketing Institute 2019 Agency Survey conducted in March and April. This survey expands CMI’s previous agency research, which had only focused on how agencies use content for their own marketing.

The new results also reveal some fresh opportunities for many agencies providing full-service or specialized content marketing, in areas that stretch from content formats to stages in the buyer journey.

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By cathy-mcphillips published May 21, 2019

Looking for Industry Influencers? How a B2B Brand Built Its Own

When you think influencer marketing, what brands come to mind? Travel, fashion, and technology top my list.

What about welding? Woodworking? Blacksmithing? No? Read on because what Craig Coffey and the Lincoln Electric team have created is nothing short of phenomenal.

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By cathy-mcphillips published February 13, 2019

Do Agencies Practice the Content Marketing They Preach? [New Research]

Agencies are many content teams’ best friends. Some supplement the work of internal teams. Others handle all aspects of the content creation, distribution, and promotion.

Many create memorable, award-winning content for their brand clients.

But do agencies practice the content marketing practices they preach? How effective are they at using content marketing to attract and retain their own audiences and move them to profitable action?

Our latest research report, Agency Content Marketing 2019: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends, answers these and other questions about how agencies use content marketing to promote their services.

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By cathy-mcphillips published September 3, 2018

How to Measure Your Content Marketing Effectiveness

measure-content-marketingEditor’s note: You may have missed the original post when we published it several years ago. We know how important it is for content marketers to tie their results to marketing and business goals, so we’ve updated it with new suggestions and resources.

What does it mean that your content marketing is “working?” In general, this means it’s supporting your marketing and business goals.

Here’s a simple way to track your content marketing program and, more importantly, how to communicate this to your team and management.

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By cathy-mcphillips published August 27, 2018

No Celebrities Required: How to Create Great Influencer Content


While the Content Marketing Institute doesn’t have that Kardashian/soda brand relationship or actor/automobile manufacturer combo, we use influencers to create an e-book to market Content Marketing World.

While you may not be promoting a live event, you likely can learn more about how to create an influencer-based piece of content from the lessons we’ve learned producing this e-book over the years, including the 2018 Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing.

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By cathy-mcphillips published November 26, 2017

5 Steps to Improving Subscriber Data for More Personalized Emails


When I started at the Content Marketing Institute in 2012, I sat with founder Joe Pulizzi to discuss the 2013 marketing goals. Back then – and still today – everything revolved around email subscribers and event (Content Marketing World) attendees.

Ever ambitious, Joe’s goal was always “double it.” And yes, double them we did. From email subscribers to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn followers, and more.

Fast-forward to fall 2015 when we were planning for 2016. We had over 150,000 subscribers. Wow! But really was it really a “wow”? At most points of subscriber entry, we purposely only asked for email addresses and maybe a first name. A long lead form could dissuade people from subscribing so we were satisfied with just having an email address. But learning more about our subscribers would allow us to truly customize messaging to them.

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By cathy-mcphillips published December 6, 2016

Practical Tips to Calm the Most Extreme Public-Speaking Jitters


Tamsen Webster, executive producer of TEDxCambridge and public speaking strategist, says stage fright leads marketers to miss huge opportunities to differentiate themselves.

Consider that 68% of B2B marketers use in-person events and 58% use webinars and webcasts as part of their content portfolio, according to CMI’s 2017 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America. And roughly one-third call events “critical to success” in 2017.Continue Reading

By cathy-mcphillips published September 1, 2016

How Digital Asset Management Can Make a Big Impact on Your Content Marketing


Many companies producing great content at a consistent pace soon face a predicament — they have so much content that they:

  • Don’t know or remember everything they have
  • Can’t track down content assets efficiently
  • Struggle to collaborate with others involved in the process
  • Aren’t leveraging existing content for reuse

Enter digital asset management (DAM), one of the hottest subjects in content marketing this year. Digital asset management is all about how you manage your broad portfolio of content assets — from the way assets are annotated, cataloged, and stored to methods of retrieval and distribution. DAM technology solutions automate many aspects of the process, meaning your team can use and reuse content more efficiently, while minimizing errors and inconsistency.Continue Reading

By cathy-mcphillips published February 28, 2016

Host Your Own Twitter Chat: Time-Saving Advice, Tools, and Templates


One of our favorite ways to interact with our community on Twitter is through our weekly #CMWorld Twitter chat. The chat started in 2013 with a 10-week experiment prior to Content Marketing World as a way to connect our speakers with potential and registered attendees. After that event, we received many requests from the #CMWorld Twitter community to continue the chats. Fast forward to today, and we have hosted almost 130 chats and have learned a lot along the way.

If you are considering starting a Twitter chat as part of your content marketing efforts or improving your existing chat, read on to get a detailed look inside our process as well as some lessons learned.Continue Reading

By cathy-mcphillips published January 8, 2016

Onward & Upward: Go Behind the Scenes of Priceline’s Social Media


Karianne Stinson heads social media for Priceline. Her role – part strategist, part crisis manager, and part travel ambassador – requires a clear vision plus a huge dose of patience. Stinson opens up about the challenges she faces day-to-day and the long-term course she’s setting for the company.Continue Reading