Author: Carlton Hoyt

Carlton Hoyt is Co-Founder and Principal Consultant of BioBM Consulting, a life science marketing agency, where he helps highly innovative scientific companies be just as innovative with their marketing. You can find more of his thinking (with a B2B and life science slant) on BioBM’s blog, by following BioBM on Twitter at @BioBM, or by following Carlton on LinkedIn. Fun fact: Once upon a time Carlton was a neuroscientist. He knows a lot about retinas.

By carleton-hoyt published April 1, 2016

2 Questions to Ask Before Becoming a Brand Publisher


A slow and steady stream of articles from reputable sources, including Inc., Fortune, and Content Marketing Institute, has been encouraging brands and their marketing teams to think and act more like publishers. They extoll those that do.

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By carleton-hoyt published June 2, 2015

Stop Thinking Content, Start Thinking Resources


It’s time for us to develop content from a resource marketing paradigm. Providing something useful, as the dictionary defines resource, is core to fulfilling content marketing objectives. We need to stop thinking about creating more stuff and start thinking about how to build things of utility that meaningfully help solve our audiences’ problems.

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