Author: Bryan Rhoads

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By bryanrhoads published September 11, 2014

7 Ancient Archetypes Your Brand Storytelling Should Use

seven story archetypes-with icons

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She has sat on a cliff-side perch overlooking the Columbia River for millennia, witness to countless seasons, migration of salmon, varying tribes and traders — including the famous passage of Lewis and Clark — and now a modern-day interstate in the distance.

She Who Watches is a pictograph etched into a large stone above the Columbia River Gorge in the state of Washington.

She tells the story of change, living well, building good houses, permanence, and her people’s mythology. She symbolizes a local chief (Tsagiglalal in local Chinookan) who fell prey to the deceitful coyote, which turned her to stone so she could watch over her people forever.Continue Reading