Author: Britney Muller

Britney Muller is the SEO & content architect for Moz. Britney has worked in digital marketing since 2007 and founded Pryde Marketing (a strategic medical marketing company) in 2012. When she isn’t working, Britney’s spending time with family, friends, getting outdoors (snowboarding, golfing, hiking), or dabbling in data science, machine learning, Python and TensorFlow. Follow her on Twitter at @britneymuller.

By britneymuller published January 4, 2018

Voice Search: Is Your Content Prepared for the Verbal Revolution?


Voice-enabled search is one of the biggest topics in SEO circles, but many content marketers haven’t embraced the implications of virtual assistants and other voice-powered technology.

As an SEO and content architect at Moz, I urge marketers to understand voice’s importance and the need to do so today to prepare for the voice revolution.

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