Author: Brian Hennessy

Brian Hennessy is the founder of Thread, a small but mighty writing studio that helps brands like adidas, Adobe, Jawbone, SiriusXM, Sonos, and Sesame Street tell their story. Brian is also the cofounder and CEO of Talkoot, a collaborative, cloud-based writing tool for omni-channel product content creators. Previously, Brian was the global writing director at adidas. You can follow him on Twitter @kabukulator or on LinkedIn.

By brian-hennessy published March 8, 2016

Foul-Mouthed Screenwriting Coach Offers Lesson for Brands


My love for the movie, Adaptation, first led me to Robert McKee and his seminal book on screenwriting, Story.

Anyone who has seen Adaptation will remember the scene based on the experience of screenwriter Charlie Kaufman (played by Nicolas Cage) in the Story seminar with McKee (played by Brian Cox).Continue Reading