Author: Brad Young

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By brad-young published February 25, 2015

Venture-capital Backing of Content Companies Matters for Brand Publishers

brad-young-venture-capital-backing-coverAt the risk of sounding blasphemous, I’m not sure if LUMAscape is useful or a waste of time. If you’re not familiar with LUMAscape, it maps the entire sector-based ecosystem of companies in categories like mobile and search, to name just two. While it may make us look smart when we print and post them on the office walls, the abyss of logos and boxes just make me cross-eyed.

The “content marketing/native” LUMAscape is typical in its overwhelming comprehensiveness: Hundreds and hundreds of logos from companies as large, medium, and small dots across 16 categories like content creation, content curation, content, and content planning and amplification. If I look at it long enough I start to feel content intoxication.Continue Reading

By brad-young published October 19, 2014

How Merrill Lynch Uses Content Mapping to Reach Affluent Americans


Visualize your brand’s ideal customer – not the numbers but the real person. Now think of how she interacts with your product. Where does it meet her in the real world? What needs does it answer? Does it make her smile or make her smarter?

You want to know enough about the people in your target market to clearly answer these kinds of questions about your relationship with them, and for content marketers, to create successful content mapping.

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By brad-young published August 27, 2014

Use Experiments to Improve Your Content Marketing Plan: 9 Ideas

testing lab image-white-suited guyLet’s gather round, fellow brand publishers, and join hands. It’s circle-of-trust time, and so we need to be honest with each other here:

When it comes down to it, we are in the business of selling stuff.

The purists among us (has content marketing been a thing long enough to separate purists from disruptors?) will argue that it is about story, narrative arc, integrity of journalistic principles… Yes, yes, and yes — quality certainly counts. But ultimately, it is about the business. We are employed to drive revenue.Continue Reading

By brad-young published July 17, 2014

Missing Elements in the Content Marketing ROI Equation

circular orange field-sun-like centerShane Snow grinned, formed his hand into the shape of a pistol, and pointed it at his targets. The Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Contently was onstage at his company’s packed Contently Summit in mid-June, and he had one of those gun-to-head questions for his panelists — BuzzFeed Data Scientist Ky Harlin and Moat President Aniq Rahman:

“If you were forced to pick only one metric to track for analyzing content marketing success, what number would it be?”Continue Reading