Author: Brad Milne

As COO of Elevate, Brad Milne helps companies activate employees, customers and fans to help share company content online. He specializes in content marketing and brand advocacy. You can follow him on Twitter @bradmilne or read his posts on the Elevate Blog.

By brad-milne published March 15, 2013

3 B2B Content Distribution Turbochargers You Should Activate

b2b content distribution turbochargersCreating quality B2B content for your audience is hard enough, but necessary in order to execute a successful content marketing strategy. In addition to the difficulty of producing high quality content, there is also the need to produce it frequently enough to engage your audience in multiple areas online.

All of the above activities serve to get enough content to put online. However, the goal of B2B content marketing is to put quality content in front of your audience. Therefore, it’s not always reliable to simply post it to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn and hope that your audience tunes in. The best way to get it in front of your audience is to get your content in their social feeds. Continue Reading