Author: Blair Symes

Blair Symes is currently the Demand Generation Manager at Ifbyphone. In the past 15 years, he has published numerous articles, white papers, eBooks, and blog posts on a wide range of topics, including B2B marketing, marketing automation, and content marketing. Follow Blair on LinkedIn, Google+, or on Twitter.

By blair-symes published September 22, 2013

Measure Your Content Marketing ROI with Call Tracking

call tracking-graphsBusinesses today continue to spend more on content marketing. If you’re a content marketer, that may be reason to cheer, but it should also be reason for apprehension. Increased spending almost always means increased scrutiny from executives, and if you haven’t been asked to defend your content marketing budget yet, you probably will soon. You need to be prepared.

When it comes to proving content marketing ROI, marketers often try to drown executives in a sea of metrics, hoping the cumulative effect will either dazzle or confuse them into buying in. But most CEOs don’t want to hear about site visits, video views, blog subscribers, retweets, and “likes.” Those are good metrics to have to help you shape your content marketing strategy, but they rarely impress C-level executives.Continue Reading