Author: Beth Fox

Beth Fox is a senior natural search optimization copywriter at iCrossing, where she develops search-friendly content for clients of the global digital marketing agency. She has a writing background in print and broadcast media. Beth has a Master of Arts in interdisciplinary studies and a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from Arizona State University. Follow her on Facebook or on Twitter @bethiefox.

By beth-fox published May 7, 2012

Make Your Content Pop with These 5 Bullet Point Basics

bullet point basics, Content Marketing InstituteThink of them as mini headlines – lyrical ensembles – the eye candy of prose. They’re called bullets. And these handy weapons, which are available in the arsenal of every writer, not only give a logical order to your thoughts, they also work to make your physical content easy on the eyes and much less intimidating for your readers. Unfortunately, their benefits are often underestimated – even overlooked – in an era where instantaneous connections are being forged and the need for speed has never been greater.Continue Reading

By beth-fox published February 6, 2012

7 Ways to Write Eye-Popping Headlines

Every day, people are inundated with content. Put a lousy headline on yours and you almost guarantee that it will be ignored. But create a great headline and, “click,” people want to read more.

Think about it: From videos, blogs and tweets, to press releases, articles, and the latest deals, it takes literally seconds for someone to decide whether your piece is worth a look. If the headline doesn’t grab them, your idea will be cast into the vast wasteland of unappreciated content — no matter how well-written or produced it may be.

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