Author: Bernie Borges

Bernie Borges is an author, speaker, blogger, podcaster and CEO of Find and Convert, an internet marketing agency. He is the founder of Career Central, an online community for career minded professionals seeking to improve their careers through social networking and personal branding strategies. Borges is speaking at Content Marketing World on September 8th on How Your Content Impacts Your Career and Your Brand. You can follow Bernie on Twitter @berniebay.

By bernie-borges published February 15, 2012

A Content Strategy For Your Career

Yes, you need it no matter how secure you think your job is.

A career content strategy offers a way to strengthen your position and personal brand

Have you ever been fired or laid off? Do you aspire to a role that still seems a distance away? A career content strategy offers a way to strengthen your position and personal brand. Using content marketing as a personal branding strategy, you can meet influential people in your field, prove your intellectual mettle to colleagues and develop yourself as a key player in a particular niche.Continue Reading

By bernie-borges published May 12, 2011

Content Marketing for Career Development

You’ve read many books and blogs about content marketing. You’re planning to attend Content Marketing World. You get it. You know that content marketing is a strategically important element to your company and your products or services.

What about your career? What’s your content marketing strategy?Continue Reading

By bernie-borges published June 23, 2010

How to Become an Effective Podcaster Using the Interview Format

Podcasting may not be as popular (or sexy) as video, but it’s proven to be a medium that can effectively reach a targeted audience. As content marketers, we all have the common goal of connecting with our target audience. Most of us also seek to find ways to differentiate from our competitors. Podcasting can be a big differentiator in your content strategy.

If you are thinking about podcasting, it’s easy to get noticed when you use the interview format.Continue Reading