Author: Arnie Kuenn

Arnie Kuenn is the CEO of Vertical Measures, a content marketing agency with an SEO foundation, focused on helping their clients get more traffic, more leads, and more business. Arnie has held executive positions in the world of new technologies and marketing for more than 25 years. He is a frequent speaker and author of Content Marketing Works. In 2014, Arnie was honored as the Interactive Person of the Year in Arizona. You can find Arnie on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn.

By arnie-kuenn published August 22, 2017

Content Amplification: How to Promote and Distribute Content Effectively


For a long time, focusing on search intent and organic traffic was all you needed to be successful. That still holds true for organic traffic.

However, organic traffic is only one part of the complex puzzle that is digital marketing. As the adoption of content marketing has grown, so has competition for search terms and audience attention – especially in competitive industries. A lot of content pollution muddies the ocean of content marketing.

Let’s talk about a scary scenario: What happens when organic traffic isn’t driving the results you need to bring your business success? Or when you see results but not enough to make your boss/CEO/manager happy with your content marketing ROI?

The bottom line: If content is not converting on its own, it’s hard to prove the ROI of content marketing.

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By arnie-kuenn published December 9, 2016

How to Create Content People Actually Search For


It doesn’t matter what your content team has fallen in love with, what you think is the next hot topic, or what products you want people to know about: If your target customers aren’t looking for the type of content you’re producing, you’re already losing the organic search game.

I’ve noticed content marketing success has nothing to do with how exciting your industry is, the skill of your writing, or how many keywords you fit in the content. Content marketing success depends more on thoughtful content ideation, as well as framing the content’s headline, meta description, and tags to be attractive to search engines based on existing or even future queries.Continue Reading

By arnie-kuenn published August 24, 2016

15 Experts Reveal the No. 1 Thing You Should Do in Content Marketing


Eager for Content Marketing World, I got a head start and asked 15 presenters to answer one simple question: What is your No. 1 tip on how most companies can improve their current content marketing?

Joe Pulizzi, Content Marketing Institute founder and author of Content Inc., says:

“I would take a six-month period and focus everything you can on building subscribers in one of your programs (let’s say, your email newsletter). Take out the sales messaging for a while, take out the unnecessary content, and just focus on building an audience. How does that change your content?Continue Reading

By arnie-kuenn published June 5, 2015

8 Nonobvious Tips to Promote Your Content

tips-promote-content-coverGreat content does little good if the right audience isn’t exposed to it.

Most marketers are familiar with many ways to promote content, including sharing content on Facebook, Twitter­, LinkedIn, and other social media sites. Nevertheless, new ways to promote content pop up all the time that aren’t as obvious, even to seasoned marketers. Here are eight nonobvious content promotion tips to leverage in content marketing:Continue Reading

By arnie-kuenn published April 20, 2015

A 4-Point Plan to Boost Your Website’s Authority for Search Engines


Search engines take a number of signals into consideration when serving results to provide the most relevant and useful content to searchers. Though many elements of a website affect where the site’s pages rank, a website’s authority – its digital reputation as a trusted, reliable source – is certainly something that contributes to how high or low it appears in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Because of this, improving your website’s authority can be beneficial to your search engine rankings. In addition to creating great content, consider the following four-point plan to boost your website’s authority:Continue Reading

By arnie-kuenn published March 19, 2015

8 Ways You Waste Precious Resources on Your Content Marketing 


Over the next 12 months, 55% of B2B marketers plan to increase their content marketing budget, a sure-fire sign that more marketers are seeing content marketing as a legitimate strategy rather than just a trend.

Unfortunately, as there is so much hype around the “right” and “wrong” ways to practice content marketing, some brands will end up wasting their money and time on unnecessary activities. If your content marketing budget is increasing (or even if it isn’t), steer clear of these eight ways businesses waste their resources on content marketing:Continue Reading

By arnie-kuenn published December 18, 2014

10 Most Common SEO Pitfalls

SEO-Pitfalls-CoverJust over 20 years ago, internet marketing was not on the radar for most businesses. Nowadays, every company has a website; believe it or not, 571 new websites are created every single minute. With that, most industry markets have become increasingly competitive, compelling companies to provide the best online experience for their audience while ensuring their content can be found by search engines.

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By arnie-kuenn published August 21, 2014

How to Pitch the Power of Content Marketing to Your Boss

hands framing eyesContent marketing has proven to be a successful venture for businesses across industries and verticals, which explains the year-over-year growth in its adoption. However, there are still many companies that have yet to jump on the content marketing bandwagon. This is due to a multitude of reasons, one being lack of support from key stakeholders in the organization.

Though most marketers are coming to recognize the value that a well-planned and executed content marketing strategy can deliver, when it comes to getting buy-in from the boss, many are still being met with resistance. And like all “new” marketing initiatives, the boss needs to be sold on the idea in order for it to trickle down and get implemented.Continue Reading

By arnie-kuenn published July 24, 2014

Play Ball: How Your Content Marketing Plan Should Load the Bases

baseball player hitting ball with batIn content marketing, the end game is always the same: Influence your audience to take an action with your business through content creation and promotion. The path businesses take to get to that point differs greatly depending on the strategies and tactics used, though the creation and distribution of quality content is a necessary component to any content marketing plan.

However, a common content marketing misconception is that in order to realize any content marketing ROI, your content must go viral. With 92,000 new articles being published online each day, content virality isn’t a very realistic attainment. Luckily, for most businesses, it doesn’t have to be.Continue Reading

By arnie-kuenn published June 18, 2014

Content Marketing Strategy: 3 Ways to Measure Success with Google Analytics

screen shot-google analyticsYou’ve heard it before: When developing a content marketing strategy, you must start by determining what you want your content to accomplish. Though creating high-quality, compelling content is a tremendously significant part of the content marketing process, it’s even more important that your content proves to be effective — nothing else matters if your content doesn’t help you achieve a business goal.Continue Reading