Author: Ade Olonoh

Ade Olonoh is on a mission to help make better managers. As founder of Jell, he’s passionate about topics related to team communication and productivity. Follow Ade on Twitter at @adeolonoh.

By aolonoh published July 31, 2017

The Science of Productive Content Marketing Team Meetings

science-productive-content-marketing-team-meetingIf you want an easy way to help your marketing team produce better content, cancel a meeting. Better yet, cancel your first meeting of the day.

Studies have shown how lapses in productivity often trace back to an overabundance of team meetings. Schedule a status call for first thing in the morning, and a content marketer’s creative juices are virtually guaranteed to stop flowing.

Take a quick look at your calendar for the coming week. How much empty space do you see? If it’s minimal, you could be unintentionally making it difficult for members of your content team to produce their best work.Continue Reading