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Anthony is the founder of and author of Blogging for Business: Skyrocket Your Traffic, Grow Your Readership, and Boost Revenue. Beyond running the publication, Anthony works with small businesses, startups, and creative minds to help you grow. Throughout his 15+ years in the marketing and multimedia fields, he has worked with companies across a wide variety of industries and disciplines, achieving significant growth in brand awareness, lead generation, revenue and other critical areas. He also helps individuals build influence and thought leadership through powerful personal branding. Follow Anthony on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn.

By anthony-gaenzle published February 8, 2015

How to Increase Content Creation Without Hiring More People

Content-Creation-Gaenzle-CoverOne of the biggest concerns facing companies when it comes to their content marketing is how to create enough content to be effective, especially when faced with limitations in personnel equipped to handle such tasks. Growing your content marketing team by taking on another salary can be expensive, not only due to the addition of the salary itself, but also the cost of recruiting, interviewing, and making sure you are selecting the right candidate.

While conundrums like this can bring about tension headaches, some simple solutions can help ease the pain of dealing with such issues. Here are a few ideas to help you increase your production of quality content that connects with your target audience, while avoiding breaking the bank to expand your team.Continue Reading

By anthony-gaenzle published December 19, 2014

5 Ways to Get More ROI From Your Next Conference

Content-Creation-Conference-Conference attendance yields the obvious benefits of learning, lead generation, and sales, but a lot of companies miss the excellent opportunities for content creation and amplification. Similar to breaking news, conferences are current, are mentioned in numerous articles and other types of online content, and tend to generate popular search trends.

Creating content centered on the time leading up to the event, the actual days of the event itself, and even the wind-down period can lead to increased recognition, sharing, and many other sought-after benefits.Continue Reading

By anthony-gaenzle published October 21, 2014

How to Create Cross-Functional Team Synergy for Content Marketing


Recently, I wrote an article about the importance of building relationships for content marketing success. In that article, I focused mainly on relationships outside of your company, but the same logic applies to team members across different departments within your own offices. Collaborating effectively across departments is a critical component of any company’s content marketing strategy. If you don’t have a cohesive effort that crosses departmental boundaries, you risk running into a number of problems.

Continue Reading

By anthony-gaenzle published September 9, 2014

How to Think Like a Local for Global Social Media Content Success

flag with red pin stuck in mapSo, you’ve read a few articles on growing your business by going global, and now you’re ready to reveal your content marketing to the world with a global social media content campaign? Not so fast. Let me stop you right there before you run head-first into certain disaster. Unfortunately, it’s just not that easy.

There are many things you need to take into consideration before promoting your content via social media to markets outside your own country. Rushing this process is not an option‚ but you can take steps that will get you started on the right foot. Here are a few considerations to focus on before you take your company’s social media content on a trip around the world. Continue Reading

By anthony-gaenzle published July 8, 2014

Building 4 Key Relationships Every Content Marketing Strategy Needs

relationship-building-content-marketingWhere are you right now? I’m not referring to where you’re physically located, but rather what point you’re at in your life. Maybe you’re a successful executive at a Fortune 500 company. Or maybe you’re finishing up your undergraduate degree in a subject about which you are passionate. Whatever your answer to my question might be, it’s highly unlikely that you got there without developing a critical skill: relationship building.Continue Reading

By anthony-gaenzle published April 14, 2014

Auditing Your Social Media Audit: 5 Issues to Tackle

keyboard keys-social media iconsI wrote an article recently about there being no such thing as a “quick” content audit, which led me to start thinking about the same process as it relates to social media content. Social media is such an effective method of distributing and amplifying your content that, in my mind, the channels and pages that you use as a part of your social media marketing campaign deserve just as much care and attention.

The same basic principles discussed in my previous article apply when conducting a social media content audit — you simply can’t cut corners and expect to achieve great results. If you are ready to start out on the social media audit journey, bring a bag full of patience, the willingness to listen to experts, and be sure to free up your calendar. Continue Reading

By anthony-gaenzle published March 14, 2014

Why You Need to Conduct a Full Content Audit for Successful Content Marketing

colorful venn diagram-fast-cheap-greatWhile I was conducting my daily browse through the world of LinkedIn’s content marketing groups, I came across a comment that really stood out to me. The original discussion was started by someone seeking ideas for how they might boost the effectiveness of their website and increase sales. As you can imagine, there were a number of creative responses — accompanied by a number of dimwitted counterparts. One of the latter popped off the page:

It referenced a “quick” audit. I can’t recall the exact wording, but the gist of it was that one of the people who responded stated that they had conducted a “quick” audit of the site and then followed that statement by making some random suggestions like, “Add two paragraphs per page,” or “create more content,” etc. It wasn’t necessarily the suggestions that got me riled up, but more the notion that a content audit could ever be a “quick” task in your content marketing processContinue Reading